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The cinematography that changed cinema

This is a celebration of cinema. More specifically, this is a celebration on the many wonderful looks that cinema has. The many faces it wears to greet us and the many unique and poetic ways it shows us where beauty may reside.

Rebellion or Extinction

Douglas Rushkoff & Dr Gail Bradbrook @ Elevate Festival 2020
Will movements like Extinction Rebellion with non-violent civil disobedience and new forms of democracy, such as citizens' assemblies, succeed in making the fundamental changes possible that are necessary for a future worth living? How do the corporations and governments that are destroying our world for their profits react to the protest movements that emerged in 2019? How could the social and political conflicts develop in the coming months, that are decisive for our opportunities to actively shape the fundamental change that our societies will experience as a result of the climate crisis and ecosystem destruction? Which narratives and tactics can social movements be most successful with?