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❱❱ An Aspirational Vision of Life After Fossil Fuels

What will life be like after peak oil, in an age of major climate shifts? Hollywood movies often depict it as a bleak, dystopian world where each day is a struggle to survive after every system we depend on has been stripped away.
[W]hat if, instead, a post-peak-oil lifestyle was something we aspired to? It’s a radical idea that involves reimagining existing societal structures and what constitutes progress.

Building sustainable communities is the antidote to fear of a changing climate.

❱❱ Love Is the Answer to the Climate Crisis

[C]hoosing love is about more than finding your tribe. It’s also about realizing that your greatest suffering can be a moment of great union and compassion—one that will pierce you. Roshi Joan Sutherland says you might worry that “if we begin this weeping, if we open ourselves to the pain and the poignancy and the terrible, wounded beauty of life on this Earth, perhaps we won’t be able to stop, and we will drown.” On the contrary, though, she explains, “We do not disappear, nor do we drown. Neither do we cry forever.” Rather these tears are “a small ceremony keeping us close to the world.”

Tynette Deveaux on facing a difficult unknown…