❱❱ Art-House America Campaign

Criterion Collection and Janus films start a GoFundme campaign to assist art-house theaters that are struggling to hold on…

More than 150 independent movie theaters across the United States have temporarily closed to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Art-House America Campaign aims to provide financial relief to struggling independent cinemas across the country so they can pay staff and their essential bills and survive until it is safe to reopen their doors
Funds are intended to support essential payments during closure. Essential payments include those for payroll, insurance, rent, non deferrable loans, utilities, fundraising, and mortgages. Funds cannot be used for equipment purchases, future programming, or executive compensation. Donations will go into a general fund and then be distributed to theaters; donors cannot designate funds for a specific theater's relief.

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Rebellion or Extinction

Douglas Rushkoff & Dr Gail Bradbrook @ Elevate Festival 2020
Will movements like Extinction Rebellion with non-violent civil disobedience and new forms of democracy, such as citizens' assemblies, succeed in making the fundamental changes possible that are necessary for a future worth living? How do the corporations and governments that are destroying our world for their profits react to the protest movements that emerged in 2019? How could the social and political conflicts develop in the coming months, that are decisive for our opportunities to actively shape the fundamental change that our societies will experience as a result of the climate crisis and ecosystem destruction? Which narratives and tactics can social movements be most successful with?

My knuckles are dry beyond repair.

It’s all of the hand washing. No amount of lotion helps. After this has run it’s course, I’ll shed this brittle skin. Gently fold it. Place it in a wooden box. Something with a latch. Alongside toilet paper tubes. Hand dated in ballpoint pen. Half a dozen empty crosswalks. A cassette recording of a BBC reporter contemptuously explaining American health insurance deductibles. “They reset every year.” A recipe for Soy Curl Chiken Soup. And blades of grass for everyone that didn’t make it.

Piano Day 2020

Piano Day gives me an excuse to put together an all-piano mix. I really like the vibe of this year's version. Most of it is very stripped down and simple. I've also found it to be very therapeutic during these quarantine times.