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Burning a million quid

Money is a perfect example of something that doesn’t exist, but acts like it does
Money is also designed to move. It does not matter to what ends the movement of money is used, for there is no inherent morality to the system. The only important factor is that the money keeps sloshing around, being used and reused. From the point of view of the money system there is only one perversion, which is to permanently remove money from circulation.

β€œI was only able to articulate it to myself afterwards with hindsight. They thought we were using our money to make a statement about art, and really what we were doing was using our art to make a statement about money.”
The burning of the million quid should not be seen from the perspective of art. It was never about art. It was much more than that, and much more obvious. It was about the destruction of money. It was about the idea that money could be defeated.

From KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money by JMR Higgs.