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My knuckles are dry beyond repair.

It’s all of the hand washing. No amount of lotion helps. After this has run it’s course, I’ll shed this brittle skin. Gently fold it. Place it in a wooden box. Something with a latch. Alongside toilet paper tubes. Hand dated in ballpoint pen. Half a dozen empty crosswalks. A cassette recording of a BBC reporter contemptuously explaining American health insurance deductibles. “They reset every year.” A recipe for Soy Curl Chiken Soup. And blades of grass for everyone that didn’t make it.

02. Self isolation update…

Butler sells Soy Curls direct on their website. They're all out of packaged Curls. So are online shops and the grocery stores in my neighborhood.

Butler also offers a twelve pound box of bulk Curls…It was in stock.

Curly Soy's Rumpus Room - SE Portland 

Twelve pounds is a large amount.

Music to bag Soy Curls to: